About the artist... 

Hillary Reid is a painter and illustrator living in Wellington, New Zealand. She works mainly in watercolour, ink or gouache and is drawn to both more traditional landscapes as well as experimenting with illustrative, especially children's illustration, and abstract styles.  Much of her work uses fairly saturated colour, layering and texture.  She is also has a background in textiles/ costume design and has had two garments selected as finalist pieces for the World of Wearable Arts.  Hillary is a keen traveller, being half U.S. / half Kiwi and moved around a fair amount with her family as a young girl.  She is a dance teacher and performer specialising in traditional Brazilian and West African dance, but also spent many year performing with a  Flamenco dance company and a Middle Eastern group.  These things all have a unique way of contributing to, and inspiring, new work.

Contact me: hillary_reid@hotmail.com