Welcome! Current work and new adventures...

I am finally air-borne, up and running... out in the open!  Buzzing with new energy around that first post.  So here it is... welcome! I am so glad you are here joining me on this new adventure.  Thank you!

Up until a little while ago art and illustration has been the thing that I have done in the moments when I have time and inspiration.  It has always been there as my joy, stress-relief and creative outlet waiting for me to invest more of my attention and passion.... to push and drive my abilities into new territory.  And so here we are: a new beginning. 

Oriental Bay.... my little piece of paradise and home base.

Oriental Bay.... my little piece of paradise and home base.

The first big project coming up for me within the next month is a trip to Europe.  The main driver for this travel is the Samba Festival in Coburg, Germany.  I co-direct a group of dancers within a performance group called Wellington Batucada and we have been invited, from New Zealand, to perform for the Coburg Samba Festival.  After the festival I will be travelling on to Berlin, Iceland, Paris and London.  I will be taking my camera and sketchbook with me and have some have some exciting plans along the way.  Iceland has to be one place that I am just busting with excitement to see.  To me it is completely undiscovered territory... a perfect combination of landscapes so spectacular they make a regular appearance in film and folklore that is utterly strange and wonderful.  I have spent the last month becoming familiar with Icelandic stories trolls, elves, Huldufolk and changelings.  It is well worth a read if you are a storytelling and folklore addict like me!  So, watch this space...